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The White Elephants are sitting at 40-53 two weeks past the All Star Break and are running on empty.  Facing two of the powers of the AL East in the form of the NY Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, the team is in the midst of a 28-game stretch without a day off.

Early on, the 2008 season was looked upon as a “rebuilding” year and management began trading away intricate pieces of the team much to the anger and frustration of the A’s fans and media alike.  In all, the  A’s traded their top pitcher Dan Haren to the Arizona Diamondbacks for future prospects,  fan favorite Nick Swisher to the Chicago White Sox, Mark Kotsay (also a fan favorite and outfielder) to the Atlanta Braves.
The team finished in 3rd place in the AL West

In January 2009, the A’s signed Jason Giambi to a 2 year deal with the 2nd year his option.  They also signed Orlando Cabrera of the White Sox and Nomar Garciaparra away from the LA Dodgers.

While the teams bats struggle, one aspect of their game is shining brightly.  The A’s have stolen 20 bases in July alone, topping out the Major League.  Three players are mostly responsible for the feat; Fajai Davis with 12, Matt Holliday with 12 and Adam Kennedy with 11 with Orlando Cabrera just two shy from ten giving the A’s a 4th stealer, giving opposing pitchers fits as the threat of the steal as much as the steal itself throws off pitchers timing.

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